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That's a really negative and naive perspective. Idk why, it's just the only logical explanation for why a female wouldn't have sex with a stud purely based on looks. Alright, thanks for clearing that up. You're not helping your case by calling every woman who responds a stupid, immature liar. I can't help it if you have insecurities about your groin area. We are not wired the same, you idiot. If you send a girl a picture of your penis and she didn't ask for it, you're basically scum of the earth.

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We are no longer cave people.

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If men payed more attention to that and it still didn't turn you on, you would either not be straight or sexually immature. Humans knew nothing about biology at that time, so how were they supposed to think whether the length of a man's penis is important or not? Both the marriage AND reproduction. And exactly, since cave people didn't know about STDs, they couldn't have avoided them consciously, their instincts had to do it for them. Why act like you're an anthropologist. This shit feels like I'm arguing with my mentally retarded uncle, no offence to him. In Ancient Greece it was the male body.

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  1. SERIOUSLY!!!! She has been doing the same boring shit for the past decade!! Either do something different or do porn or just retire. Doesn't matter how hot her body is if all you ever see is this retarded content.