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Boxing's golden rule is clear: What if Rodgers had Belichick? Well, now he knows. Golden Tate departs as one of best receivers in Lions' history 2d Michael Rothstein. In the Australian Open, after losing the first set of his quarterfinal match, Federer killed time in the can while allowing the blinding sun to dip below the stands. Posada used to warn, "You don't want to shake my hand during spring training.

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But unless you're sweating buckets, you can go three days without drinking any water at all.

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Unheralded ballers who shined in Week 8 2d Cameron Wolfe. Drinking your own urine is probably okay for a day or two. He kind of enjoyed the "T-Pee curtain" method, going inside a hut of towels or parkas. Inwhen Zabriskie became just the third American to wear the appropriately named yellow jersey, it earned him the privilege -- according to the Tour's unwritten rules -- to decide when, where and for how long the peloton was allowed to pee. Once they're secure and the tape is initialed by a boxing commission official, they can't come off. But worrying that his teammates would prank him by walking away midflow occasionally gave Gross stage fright -- aka paruresis, or what urologists refer to as "ballpark bladder. That's likely a holdover from the days when bacteria in the body was thought of as a negative thing—the source of infections—as opposed to the complicated garden we now know to exist within us.

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