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My friend tells a particularly young, unhappy stripper "you look upset. She dragged me up on the stage and wanted me to whip her. The world of newspaper comic strips is a gold mine for this, where strips that were built on a shaky premise to begin with run for decades after the writers and artists have long gone insane. But the most hard to watch part was where she put a peeled banana up there and then proceeded to "cut" it into even pieces, and finds the drunkest guy in the bar some fresh on the island Marine going through initiation and talks him into eating the banana. More games like this! She also has the ability to "spit out" proper change for anyone that is interested. My first strip club experience was in Guam.

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She then proceeds to do that thing you know where she sort of bends her arms at the elbow and with her hands up near her face she uses the insides of her arms to push her tit's together, shes not rushing, she takes her time and gradually the pressure builds and her nipples start to expand until they start to slightly quiver and then POW, a find mist of milk explodes from her fabulous nipples and onto Doug's face.

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Funny Strip Sequence

More games like this! The stripper enjoyed the initiative that Tyler was showing and decided to go the extra mile with him. A Perfect Wife - Part 2. We both realize what happened and she turned around and quickly walked to the other side of the stage. It's the whole pan!

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funny boob strip
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funny boob strip
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